Who We Are

Our Mission

In Lagos we want to carry on the tradition of Pride inviting the members of the LGBTQIA+ community, their families and friends to come together as one to celebrate our diversity.

We march, we walk, and we dance together to remind everyone of the struggles it took to be able to earn the same rights as all global citizens.

Together strong, the Algarve community embraces all, and in doing so identifies Lagos as a safe destination for the LGBTQIA+ residents and visitors to express themselves and celebrate our freedom.

the Team

Marlene "Bar" Johnston

Marlene “Bar” Johnston, as a founding member of PRIDE Lagos and a small business owner in the walls, she is driven to building community and joy through actions and authenticity.


Event planner from South Africa living in Portugal. Worked closely alongside Mike Rumble and Bar Johnston to organize the very first annual pride festival in Lagos 2022, with tireless commitment to facilitate the launch which coincided with the very first annual Pride in Lagos Nigeria. Chanelle always highlights the importance of LGBTQA inclusivity and how our ability to wave our flags here is linked with the bravery of those still fighting for the right just to be accepted as a human, no matter what background, sexual identification, nationality or personal preference one may have.

Ken Dorr

I am a Portuguese resident from San Diego, California who is married to my love, “Super-Mario” from Italy. My whole life has been a wonderful Kaleidoscope of creative expressions. My art expression is a synergistic collaboration with my muse Mario. 

Mario Marchiaro

Originally from Italy, now a Lagos resident with my husband Ken Dorr. I am happy to serve on the Pride committee with my skills as a web and graphic designer as well as with my alter-ego Chandalier who will perform and host several events during Pride.

Jim Shaefer

Recent retirement brought Jim to Lagos from San Diego California. He feels honored to be part of this community and looks forward to meeting new friends and working for equality for all.


I’m an avid traveler that doesn’t know how to stay in one place. I’m a career flight attendant that spends my summers in Lagos, making it my second home. Hiking is one of my biggest passions! I’m super excited to be a part of the start of an amazing Pride in an amazing town full of life!

Cliff & Zjef
We are Cliff and Zjef, an American/Dutch couple who have been lucky enough to be together for 25 years.  We married 22 years ago when the Netherlands became the first country to legalize gay marriage — happily many others have followed.
For us, community is very important, so we are thrilled to be part of this year’s Lagos Pride, celebrating the local LGBTQIA+ community and creating a safe place where all are included.
Sahar Muhsin

Sahar Muhsin Laufman is an intergenerational activist and diversity & inclusion consultant who has been a member of queer organizing groups all her life.

Heather & James

Heather and James are LGBTQIA+ allies living in Lagos. Having many LGBTQIA+ friends that have had a positive impact on their lives, they want to support the local community and give back when possible.

Extraordinary Experiences

Join our proud and growing family of fun, creative and happy Team members.

There are many ways to participate at Pride Lagos. Contact us if you have a talent that can be showcased or even behind the scenes involvement. Each year we are getting more out and about and connecting people and businesses together in extraordinary ways. We’re here to make sure your voice is heard.

Our Core Values

We pride ourselves in communicating openly and freely with our Lagos community. Our core values are grounded in being: